Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ladybug Lane and Co.

Today I will shamelessly promote my Etsy shop - Ladybug Lane and Co., formerly Ladybug Lane Designs.

I started working with paper out of necessity. I already was in love with it, I just did it from afar, capturing each cute paper thing I saw and putting it away to be admired over and over at a later date. I digress - I needed a baby gift and while out shopping, I naturally gravitated to my local scrapbook store.

This particular store featured items that had been made using scrapbook materials and that is where I saw IT. The cutest doorhanger, just perfect for a nursery door!
I examined it closely and decided "I can make this!" And so I did!

It was a hit and soon I had a few requests for others. And that's how it happened. Just like that.

Here are just a couple from my shop, There's more to see so please visit.

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  1. Very cute idea Susan, great start on your blog!! I wasn't aware that my blog was listed in a magazine, thanks for letting me know. Thanks for the wonderful comment from you and can't wait to see what else you make.