Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Butter Blossoms Memories

They were here and they were gone! I'm referring to the beautiful little cookies that I ordered from

They arrived Good Friday in the most charming packaging (I notice that kind of stuff). Had to share, so they were gone before I could do anything about it! My husband actually ate the entire bag of my thank you shortbreads!!!!!!!!!! He said they were delicious. I'll have to take his word since I didn't get even one!

Anyway, the combination of light, buttery, delicious, beautifully decorated little cookies that come in the cutest package has defiinitely made me a fan of Butter Blossoms. Please check them out (and make sure you hide some away for yourself).

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  1. Hi Susan
    Thanks for coming by my blog. I made mine myself I did not know about Shabby.
    I am still new and I went to Momo's blog and listed my blog on there and a lot of others came by and joined. I found so many great blogs from there I am so glad she gave us the chance to list ours and to be able to find so many others. I am now a follower of your blog. Thanks again for coming by.