Friday, April 1, 2011


The decision to put myself out there is paying off! I decided to make some calls to some local gift shops to see if anyone of them would be interested in purchasing some of my handcrafted gift enclosure cards. I now have two definitely and a couple of more I'm in discussion with.

I showcased the styles that I thought would complement their shop offerings when I made my pitch, and it worked! For example, The French Mix is a beautiful shop on Covington's Lee Lane that specializes in upscale, high quality children's clothing and accessories. The vibe is a mix of cottage and vintage so I showed off my vintage baby images that I'd made into enclosure cards. The owner liked what he saw and placed an order.

My other shop sells upscale kitchenware, china, and gourmet cooking items, as well as many other beautiful and unique gifts. The wedding registry is phenomenal and enclosure cards for gifts for the bride and groom were perfect for Simplee Gourmet, also in Covington on Hwy. 21.

I am so excited about this new direction! Hopefully this ride will keep going and going and going -- well, you get the idea. For now, don't stop believin'

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