Thursday, May 12, 2011

Have You Clicked Today?

Several posts ago I mentioned It's just what the name says. I click regularly to help supply food for unwanted, mistreated animals. It's totally free!!!!! If you read just a few of the many rescue stories, you'll add the site to your bookmarks and click away!! That's how they got me!

Read Francis' story now:

He's sunbathing!

Francis was found wandering the streets during one of the coldest weeks of February. He was taken to our local animal shelter. Although he wore a dingy, tagless collar- no one came looking for him. We are so glad that they didn't. His ears are still a little tattered from being frost bitten, but he's ours now and we love every long inch of him. We'll never let him be cold again...this photo shows that.

Columbus, NE

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