Monday, May 30, 2011

Necessity Is Always The Mother Of Something

We've all heard that "necessity is the mother of invention", but my sister-in-law recently proved that it is also the mother of creativity. She and her husband remodeled their bathroom (and did an amozzing job, I might add), in beautiful shades of light turquoise, brown and cream. A popular color combo, right? Not so when you're looking for that just right picture.

So, Trudie did what any determined, crafty, and creative woman would do -- she designed her own artwork and it was truly inspiring!

She took a frame designed to hold 3 photos, went down to her local craft store and picked out 3 coordinating sheets of scrapbook paper in the colors that she needed. Cut here, cut there, and soon she had exactly what she needed for the finishing touch on the bathroom project. Beautiful!

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