Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Feet

I miss summer feet. And I'm not talking about pampered, tan, perfectly pedicured tootsies! No, I mean the kind of feet lots of us had as kids.

When I was a child we played outdoors -- a lot. As soon as the weather turned the least bit warm (which in Louisiana is about mid-March most of the time) we released our imprisoned "soles" and gingerly walked around the yard. We walked because in the early stages of "summer feet" they were still tender. However, by May, and certainly by the beginning of summer vacation, we were ready to handle most things that lurk in the yard. Time had toughened us up enough so that the occasional accidental meeting with a sticker patch in the grass or a blazing stretch of sidewalk didn't actually incapacitate us.

I was reminded of summer feet a couple of weeks ago when I visited my niece and her new baby. My five year old grand niece Katelyn and I ventured out into the yard to see what we could see and when we went back in we plopped on the sofa and I got a whiff of summer feet -- her summer feet! The combination of outdoor smell, tan, and a little bit of dirt was glorious!

I know this is kind of long. Who knew feet could be so inspiring! All I know is now I want summer feet.

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