Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scrap Happy

I love reading about all the challenges for papercrafters that are out there on different craft blogs, but I've never had the courage (?) to try one. Since I want to play too, I decided to challenge myself!

I was cleaning up my craft room the other day and was amazed and appalled at the amount of scrapbook paper scraps I had accumulated. To give you an idea, if I was half my age, I would have enough paper for projects if I did one each day, and would never have to set foot in a craft store.But to get back to the challenge --

Tomorrow I'm going to close my eyes and randomly pick a scrap (it has to be at least 8x10 to qualify)of paper and make something with it. Sounds like fun, right? Well, you'll want to follow me on this one for sure. Check back to see what lucky piece of paper was chosen!

I'm so excited! I hope I can sleep tonight.

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