Thursday, July 7, 2011

Change is A-Comin

Decided to do a little changing and rearranging with my shop that I will be working on for the next few days. I've already changed my logo and shop colors/design with the help of Tamera Joy of She is a very talented (and patient) designer on etsy. Her shop sets are so cute and the one I chose is what I had envisioned all along!

I'm going to be discontinuing my room decor items (door hangers and picture frames) as well as my memory books and focus mainly on branding my cards and note cards. Please check my shop in the next few days for some amazing deals on these discontinued items!!!

Thank you, Tamera, for getting me headed in this new and exciting direction!!


  1. Susan! I really like the new look. It's adorable and sweet just like you! Those little lady bugs really do appear to be in a "lane". Cute!

  2. You are so sweet to mention my shop. Thank you, kind lady. I enjoyed working with you. Warmest wishes for great success in all that you do. :) Tamera