Friday, July 15, 2011

Flap Cards

What are flap cards? It's a card design I've had in mind for awhile, but I've just now been able to sit down and make some. I'm sure there's something like this out there already, so I'm not claiming to be the inventor, but this is my version.

* Cut rectangular piece of card stock (not in the form of a card, just flat), 5 x 6.5 in size.
* Cut a coordinating piece of pattern paper just a little bit smaller (4.5 x 6) and layer it on top.
* Cut a smaller piece of patterned paper (coordinating pattern or lightweight cardstock) and fold it it in half. Cut 6 x 4.5 piece to fold into 3 x 4.5 small card.
* Stamp sentiment on inside of "flap", adhere to front of card and embellish.

There you have it -- a flap card! (I really need to get a better name for these -- can anybody make a suggestion?)

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