Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dont' Give Up

Just proved that prayer and persistence (in that order) go a long way in getting what you want.
Proven albeit on a small scale, but it can be applied to other situations.

Okay, promise you won't laugh -- but for a long time now I've been trying to learn how to layer images in the Gimp Image Manipulation Program. I knew it would provide a great medium in my card making. Not good at reading directions in the first place, but add that to the fact that the directions were written with someone who had a good handle on using Gimp in mind, and I spent a lot of frustrating hours behind my computer.

Yes, I reached out for help from an actual human, but couldn't find anybody who was willing to save me. So, with a whole day ahead of me (yesterday), I decided to devote that day to learning on my own. It took lots of googling, trial and error, prayer (yes, I said prayer), cursing (sure that wiped out some of the prayer), reading others' helpful and not so helpful tips (I found out along the way that some people were worse off than I was), before I actually figured it out.

I was exhausted! But I now have cracked open the door to a whole new world of cardmaking (for me, anyway). Today is practice day.

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